So Many Hats

When I shot Desk Jon last week for an introduction, I was sad when it occurred to me that I should have been a touch craftier.  So one paperclip, post-it, black sharpie, and a bit of tape later... voila, Jon's got his own arrow through the head.

I do realize this is slightly insensitive given Ygritte's untimely passing...

DeskJonI now realize I've been slightly misleading and feel I should be clear that this is not a Game of Thrones fansite. I am a fan of GoT... just not in that way, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Here's a picture of the beach. I didn't go there over the Memorial Day weekend like some folks, but I did this one other time and took a photograph. There's a flag in the sand and no references at all to George R.R. Martin, so I feel like it's a great way to show off my other interests and ability to be holiday appropriate. 


I wear many hats!