The City that Never Sleeps


Fresh Produce at Night in the city that never sleepsA New York friend of mine recently posted a brief love letter to our fair city on her Facebook page. It was about how at 10pm we can get our hair done, midnight we can do our laundry, 1am we can grocery shop, etc.

That photo is of a 24/7 produce cart one block from our apartment. I took this shot on Saturday at 10pm as we were leaving the movie theater (we saw Spy while nursing a rum induced birthday hangover. GO SEE IT NOW. IT IS HILARIOUS AND SMART AND AWESOME). It's a perfect representation of what she was talking about. Just look at all the hustle and bustle! People buying fruit, late night shopping, going out on dates, picking up food, holding hands and taking a stroll, peeing on the side of buildings, walking dogs who are also peeing on the side of buildings, drunkenly stumbling to the next bar, yelling on cellphones.

I love this city!

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