Photo Retouching Services

I truly enjoy the art of retouching, enhancing and restoring photographs, so I’ve decided to offer up my services! Whether it’s headshots, weddings, family photos, candids or product photography (do you have an Etsy shop?), I know I can help you.

Here’s how it works:  Send me an email with the high resolution photo(s) you want retouched and some notes on what you want done, then I’ll categorize them into one of the following price ranges. Before I start working on the image(s), I will email the quotation, and wait for your approval.

Upon completion of the work, a low resolution image will be mailed for your approval, and upon payment, the full resolution final copy will be sent.  Expect 24-48 hours turn around, depending on the amount of work to be done.

$12.00 each

($10.00 ea.  for 10 or more images)

adjust color/exposure
remove wrinkles
remove blemishes
dust removal and other minor stains, etc

$22.00 each

($20.00 ea.  for 10 or more images)

all of the above
scratches, tears, spills
vignettes, color changing (B&W), tinting, fantasy etc,
beauty/fashion retouching (i.e. smooth skin, fly away hair, hair color, etc)
remove/change elements