I’ve been doing some soul searching lately (as one always does at the beginning of the year… how exactly do I bottle that feeling every day?) and the usual questions keep coming up.

Why can’t I focus on one thing?

What are the various things I’ve focused on over the years?

How can I become a full time artist and change my life?

How can I help change the current state of the world (really? President Trump? REALLY?)

Anyway, while pondering and searching and mulling and other such words for thinking shit through, I realized I’m constantly doodling faces. Particularly gals. So in an effort to stick to something for a few days and also get myself out there a little more, I’ll be sharing my women every day for awhile. Until I’m tired of doing it. Because frankly I’m REALLY tired of saying I’m going to do something all year long only to quit a month or two in and then feel all bad about myself for not following through.

So here are the ladies I’ve drawn so far this year: